I started freelance writing as a freshman in college. By my third year, it had turned into a full-time job: 1,800 words a day and roughly $6,000 in income per month.

(Wondering how I balanced work and school? Here are my favorite time management hacks.)

  Illustration by  Autumn Wilson .

Illustration by Autumn Wilson.

After graduating in June 2016, I joined HubSpot. I'm now the editor of the Sales Blog, helping more than 800,000 sales reps, managers, and leaders hit their targets each month. As a content geek, getting to work at the place that invented content marketing is pretty much a dream come true. 

When I'm not brainstorming ideas or furiously typing away, you'll find me running, listening to podcasts, geeking out about cool tech, or researching my latest obsession (UI/UX, consumer psychology, venture capital, to name a few).

I still love to freelance, so if you've got an interesting project, please shoot me a message at aja.t.frost@gmail.com.

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