SEO & Content Strategy Services

What I’ll do:

  • Map your existing content to your products/services and find the topic gaps you need to fill

  • Identify your content competitors (often different from your product competitors), analyze their strategies, and figure out how you can rank higher

  • Craft a holistic content strategy that helps move your prospective customers through each stage of the decision-making process

    • Incorporates content that’s designed to drive conversions, in addition to organic traffic—because what’s the point of pageviews if they don’t lead to revenue?

  • Teach you how to refresh evergreen pages, so you maximize your content’s traffic potential and can get off the “content creation” treadmill

  • Help you set up analytics and reporting processes

    • You’ll learn what to measure, how to measure it, and when

SEO & Content Strategy Training

Want to learn how to do this work yourself? I offer a special package:

  • 2 hour session on content gap identification and topic cluster framework

  • 2 hour session on competitive analysis and keyword research

  • 1 hour session on creating actionable reports for your content creators

  • 1 45-minute follow-up session

  • Email support for 6 months

  • Dedicated content creation resources—whether that’s budget for freelancers or a full-time writer

  • Product-market fit and an understanding of their target audience

My services are a good fit for companies who have…