Nice Stuff People Have Said About Me

Without a doubt, Aja is one of the top writers I've ever worked with. She constantly amazes me with her thoughtful, creative ideas and her ability to get inside the heads and hearts of an audience. Her career advice articles for The Muse are more often than not our top performing pieces, and her work has garnered an impressive following (as one reader put it, 'I don't always read Muse articles, but when I do, they're Aja Frost's.') She's also an absolute joy to work with. I feel incredibly fortunate to have Aja on my team.

- Adrian Granzella Larsen, editor-in-chief of The Muse

As the editor of the ThinkApps blog, I've worked with dozens of freelance writers but few compare to Aja. Her content is substantive, creative, and always engaging for our audience. She is organized and punctual in completing assignments. And, perhaps most important to me, Aja is receptive to feedback - listening to suggested edits with an open mind and willing to continue working until the job is completed to 100% satisfaction.

- Becky Cruze, Editor of the ThinkApps blog

Aja is probably the most professional writer I've worked with. She comes to me with great ideas and converts them into engaging, polished pieces with no fuss. Generally her first drafts are so finished that I struggle to give useful feedback. I wish I had more Ajas.

- Alex Walker, Design and UX Editor of Sitepoint

Aja has done an incredible job at suggesting and developing connections with target publications, which accelerated my branding objectives. She is very effective in her approach, from researching previously published articles to writing pieces that are aligned with both the publications' and my company's goals. I would recommend her for any company that wants a powerful, yet friendly voice and is looking to increase their PR presence.

- Nana Dooreck, CEO of Rubicore

After working with Aja this past year, it became clear that she’s not just another freelancer looking to churn out content. Instead, she’s an innovation machine who’s constantly impressing me with her new ideas and fresh takes on career advice. And, if that wasn’t enough, she’s a talented writer who consistently turns in drafts that needs little to no editing. It’s an understatement to say that Aja’s a pleasure to work with.
— Jenni Maier, editor at The Muse